Healthy life style- not too strict not too heavy

The lifestyler pack is for those who are always on the go but never have that time to prepare clean meals. This meal pack is for 6 days leaving the 7th day for your cheat meal or social life.

120gram protein:120gram carbohydrate:100gram veg

Breakfast: 2x wholemeal choc chip pancakes  

                  2x Berry protein porridge

                  2x Antioxidant rich cereal 


Lunch:      2x Chicken breast with sweet potato mash and mixed veg

                 2x Turkey balls quinoa and mixed veg

                 1x Salmon with jasmine rice and spinach

                1x Chicken nap with jasmine rice and greens


Dinner:    3x Lean beef mince with greens

                 2x Bolognese and mixed veg

                 1x White fish with spinach and green veg 


*Please note, some of our meals in meal packs are subject to availability, you will be notified if an item is unavailable, and will then be swapped for a similar item.