6 day Eat Lite-  Super weightloss pack

*Please note, some of our meals in meal packs are subject to availability, you will be notified if an item is unavailable, and will then be swapped for a similar item.


100gram protein source and 1 cup carbohydrate source per serve.


Breakfast:   3x Antiox breakfast muesli

                      3x Protein oats with berries


Lunch:         1x Grilled chicken with a serve of mashed sweet potato and green veg

                     1x lean beef with a serve of brown rice and green veg 

                     1x sweet chilli chicken breast with a serve of basmati rice and green veg

                     1x Turkey n spice balls with a serve of basmati and green veg

                     1x shepherds pie 

                     1x chicken napoiltan with sweet mash and greens 


Dinner:         2x Grilled rump steak with a serve of mixed veg 

                      2x Lemon and herb white fish with a serve of sweet potato and mixed veg 

                     2x grilled chicken with mixed veg